A handprint in the clouds

Once upon a dream, and a memory away is all we will ever be to those we love one day. Maybe even tomorrow, right? So, why not be a good one? Even if they don’t leave you with many good memories, leave them with one that makes the heart swell and the eyes tear up with joy. Why?

I’d rather be a handprint in the clouds than a footprint in the sand any day. I would rather someone reach out to me, rather than walk away. I would rather someone remember my smile than remember my rage. I would rather to be a positive influence than a negative one. No matter the person, no matter the time. Life is too short for grudges and strife. Tomorrow may be the end, so give a little extra love tonight.

Where are you going?

This is the post that I will probably lose the most followers over, but like I’ve said many times over I’m not in this for the followers. I blog to help others, that’s it that’s all. No gray areas, no confusion.

Where are you going? Ask yourself that right now? We do a lot of things in life. We try to make good grades, go to a good college, get a great job, work for years and then retire. We get to enjoy our last few years doing whatever we do with an awesome pension in our bank accounts. Sounds great, but what comes after? Well, there’s only two places that come after. Heaven or Hell.

Now most pastors won’t tell you that you’re going to hell. Why? Money. It’s not good business to tell someone who isn’t a member of the church that they are going to hell if they don’t accept Jesus Christ into their lives. However, I’m not in it for the money or the fame. I’m not in it to convert you to my specific religion. I hate religion, or the concept it has become at least. I’m in it, to get as many people as I can to know the love of Jesus. Think about it, do you know anyone who loves complete strangers so much that they would go through extreme pain and torture just to save them from an eternity of misery? I don’t, that’s for sure.

Why do I despise the church? Very simple, it’s become a place of judgment. It has become a place covered with greed and fake ‘sunday best’ personas. It has become a place that covets a dollar more than saving a soul. Am I attempting to turn you away from church, no. Am I telling you that church will NOT save you from Hell, yes. Only knowing and accepting Jesus Christ into your heart will. Period.

There is nothing that we can do for ourselves to prevent us from going to Hell. There is only knowing and accepting Jesus Christ into our lives. After that all we have to do is try our best to live our lives according to him. No matter the sin, no matter the time. As long as you do not go against God, after you know him and you accept God and his son Jesus for what he has done for you, you will get forgiveness. We are ALL sinners. We all are born with sin, and sin is the reason we die. No matter the sin, if you love and truly accept Jesus Christ into your heart, you are saved. Jesus never turned away ANYONE! So who are we to do the same?

So, I will present you with this question again. Where are you going?

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Have you ever despised the picture in the mirror sometimes, especially when you’re looking in it? Whether it’d be your weight, depression, something you did or whatever the case may be, it is safe to say we all have hated our mirrors every once in a while.

However, I dare to ask a simple question. Why hate the mirror? I know I know, that doesn’t leave much room for anything else to hate right? Well no, I’m not attempting to imply fault here of any sort. Your mirror is simply an inanimate object, and you are the one happy or upset. You can change what that mirror tells you at any time. So why don’t you?

Depression is easier to handle in theory than reality, so is weightloss, and quite frankly, people.

Yeah I tend to forget that issue let that slip my mind often. Why? I have learned over the years to let things go. If they aren’t paying my bills, feeding my family or providing us with a necessity, their opinion truly does not matter. Other people and their bullshit snarky opinions are usually what cause us to think so ill about ourselves. Why do their opinions matter? Are they providing a major portion of money towards your survival here on this rock we call Earth? No? Then their thought process in concern to you or your choices is by technicality irrelevant.

However, what if they people who are making our survival possible on this rock we call Earth doing these negative things, and saying all these negative opinions about you or your choices? Well if it isn’t an opinion about your survival than it’s irrelevant. Now I’m not saying not to listen to your mom or dad or whomever is taking care of you on certain issues. Let’s face it, without parents and guardians I’m sure we’d all be dead before 18. However, you aren’t worthless or a fat ass simply because of how they feel.

So, hug your mirror today, and yourself. You have put yourself through enough abuse. Quit it. Remember, the only opinion that matters about you, is yours.