Why me?


You had a misunderstanding
A miscommunication
So help me understand
Why you’re so mad
And angry
And hurt
And most of all
Help me understand
Why you want to make me sad?
What did I do?
Did I tell you the truth?
Was it hard to hear?
I’m not going to live in fear
I’m not afraid of you
I have God
He’ll keep me in the clear
And if I happen to die
Because of you
I know I’ll be accepted
And loved
And cherished
While you sit alone
And miserable
And depressed.
Think of me will you?
Before you raise your voice,
Or your hand.
Your words cut deep
And they resonate
they don’t go away
They can’t be removed with band aids.
I refuse to be your Harley Quinn
I’m not going to chase you
And pine over you
And crave your love
Because if you can hurt me
With your words
Your hands
And your eyes
You never deserved me at all.
Why me?
What did I do?
Why should I waste my time
On a hurtful person like you.


Abuse and/or domestic violence is never okay. Please if you know about it, report it. If you are experiencing it, find help! There are always ways to get help!! There ARE people who care! Thank you.

My sweet angel

Your kisses wiped my tears
Really good too
Better than any Kleenex could
Them little teeth
Always on my toes
How it annoyed me so
And now I crave it
Your furry hugs
Your hyper love
You were always an attention hog
Jealous of other puppies
Sweet little baby
Protective so young
Never letting my babies
Be far from seen
You loved them so
You loved me
I miss you
I’ll always love you
Sweet little angel in heaven
You suffer no more
Your eyes I’ll never forget
Begging me to take the pain away
So I did
And with tears in my own
I hope and pray
You rest in peace
You sweet little angel

For my dog Crimson
Who died this morning
Give a kiss to Jesus for me
Remember that we love you
And you’ll never be forgotten.