America has been lost for a long time

I see and hear people who say that America is the greatest country in the world. They speak about diversity, freedoms, and then they go off on other tangents. Let me tell you, we are NOT the greatest country in the world. We are only leading the world in three categories.

1) How many people are incarcerated

2) Our religion

3) Our defense budget. We are better or equal to 26 other countries, 25 of whom are allies.

There are 207 sovereign states in this country, and 180 of them have freedom. We are low on the education scale, we have crooked politicians all across the board serving PAC’s more so than the American people. We have a president who is lying to the people, but they all lie and have their own agenda so what’s the point in singling out one?

We are the worst generation ever to hit politics. Sorry. We are uneducated, and we cling to the one person who we see in a news clip that agrees with what we do. We don’t hardly ever get the facts, most of the time because we either can’t or are too lazy to be educated about them. We don’t care, but yet we complain.

Nothing ever gets done in Congress, because of PAC’s(ever see those commercials that say ‘paid for by the citizens of *insert crappy politician here*?’ That’s a PAC.) and everything gets knocked down because everyone else has commitments to their PACS, and the attachments conflict so nothing ever gets done.

I want to go back to the America that used to fight for something, that wasn’t so tainted by greed. I mean, let’s not be naive greed will always exist, however it wasn’t this prevalent. I want to go back to not scaring easy, and to fighting for morals. I want to go back to the country who wasn’t so afraid to speak their opinion, and claim God. I want a country that fights for what is right again.

America should have been left the hell alone. Now, we have lost so much, we may never find it again. That scares me, and it should scare you too.

I hate goodbyes

I’m frightfully afraid of them. I’m afraid this goodbye might be the last. We never know when the end will come for any of us, and to me that’s frightening.

As my parents leave to go home tomorrow, I’m holding back tears. I know, I’m 24 years old I should buck up. I hate goodbyes though. I always have, I always will.

A letter to my husband

To my beloved husband,

I cannot believe we have been married for almost five years. It doesn’t seem true, just yesterday we were young and completely infatuated with each other. We were 19, and it was just us. The late nights, the fun days, the memories that we made. Now, we have become accustom to each other. We have a routine, and we follow it just as most couples do. However, there are a couple of things I want you to be reminded of.

I’m not apart of the throw it away generation.
If something is broken, I fix it. I don’t believe in throwing it away. I don’t believe in running to the greener grass. I hate green anyway. If they grow red grass, then we’ll talk. However, the conversation will mainly stay on how I can get my grass that way. I want the cool colored grass dangit.

2) You’re annoying, irritating, frustrating, and downright silly.
Yes, you can be. You have been. You will be. I married you, for YOU. I didn’t only married you for the good days. The IRS doesn’t take those marriages too well anyway. I married you for all of you, including your flaws. I’m not going anywhere.

3) When I said my vows, I meant them.
I haven’t forgotten them. I never will. For better for worse, For richer or poorer, in sickness and health, til death do us part. I believe in them. I want you to know I believe in them. I am going to treat you like I did to get you. I plan on making you smile like I did when I said those vows. I promise to make time for us even with the kids. I promise to keep the fire alive that we had with those vows, and to never let go. Forever and always.

Most of all, before any of these things, I want you to remember that you’re my best friend. You’re the only person I can think of that would be perfect for the head of our family. You’re an amazing father, and an amazing husband.

Forever and always,
Your grateful blessed wife