Peace, Love, and Gel pens

So I’ve been doing a lot of writing, notes, and listening. I’ve been learning everything I can. It’s a really fun endeavor, and it’s teaching me things that I had lost over the years.

It’s also getting me excited about being healthy! Who doesn’t want that? I get to be skinny, while making money!!!! Yay!

It’s a simply wonderful experience that I believe everyone should try. It teaches about working hard, organization, team work, all kinds of things. I absolutely love this business so far.

My kids are enjoying a happier mommy, and so is my hubby. I love to see how happy my family is, how I’m getting back to the old me. Yeah, this may be an MLM, and yeah, the stuff is pricey, but it works for me and it’s done something for my family that hasn’t been able to be done yet. Happiness.

I also get a joy and also a little bit of sadness from knowing my baby enrolls for kindergarden soon. She is SO ready for it, but hubby and I don’t know if we are or not. It’s a scary but necessary new adventure for us as parents. I’m still gonna cry on the first day, I know it already.

I can’t contain my excitement!

So like I told you a couple of nights ago, I found a glimmer of hope. I just can’t wait anymore to tell you about it.

What if I told you, you could lose weight, keep it off and feel AMAZING? Seriously! I’m not trying to sound like one of those creepy commercials, but it’s true. I’ve been watching a couple of my friends lose weight, gain energy and be able to do what they want to do again without really doing anything.


This is one of my friends. She lost 30 pounds in 3 months using this. Who WOULDN’T at least want to try that? I know I do. Wait a minute. By know you’re probably wondering what the bloody hell I’m talking about right? This amazing stuff is called Isagenix. It seems like it’s magical, but it’s just a nutrition packed little box that they mail to you.

I am so excited!!!

Beating the clock

In a day and age where we are all in a rush, and attached to our phones, it’s hard to even think that one day all that we know will end. It’s all too surreal to handle.

Social Media never gets anyone closer, in fact in a world filled with LOL’s and SMH’s, we forget how to have legitimate conversations. When you ask to meet face to face, most assume Skype or Facetime. Health is pushed away and replaced by a Big Mac or a large fry. Cars go a little too fast, hugs are a little too short.


Why are we in such a rush? Where are we rushing to? We all are eventually going to get beaten by time, so why accelerate things.

Just my thoughts.