Who ARE you?

The wonder that is self image is still being pondered by millions of people all over the world. Who are we? What is our purpose? Why are we so obsessed with tacos? Wait, what? O.o?

Society creates an influence on many people when it comes to self image, and those influences lead to depression, anxiety and many other issues. So why do we allow ourselves to do this if we know it is bad? Why do we continuously go after what is only negative influences but push away positive ones? That’s a darn good question.

I believe, that unless a person lives in my body, deals with the constant crap I have to deal with, goes through my struggles than only then can they judge my body type. I am chubby. I must be lazy. I just chase two kids around all day, but thats laziness. Okay…Sure. Being as skinny as a twig is nothing to be proud of. Having the most expensive make up and pulling it off is nothing to be proud of. Being yourself and being successful in a world that pushes conformity and failure is something to be proud of!

So to all the young men and women, and even as adults, you are just fine the way you are. All you need to do is figure out the way your clock ticks and roll with it. Everyone has an opinion an unless they are helpful then ignore them. :-) We need all types of people on this planet, because if we all were the same I would commit suicide out of boredom and insanity of looking at the same thing everyday. Seriously!

Instead of soldiers, they are super heros

I read a blog post today, and this woman was really scared for her brother who is being deployed and how to tell his young children about it. It’s really hard being family to an active duty service member. No matter your opinion of our government or this war, I believe we all can agree that it sucks to take family away from family. If you can’t and you’re one of those people against the military and believe they deserve to die, well, I strongly urge you not to comment your thoughts.

I told this woman to tell his kids that their daddy is off saving the world. He and his friends were picked to go over there and save people and be the super heroes they need. Yep, sure did. I believe all of the men and women who go overseas to that horrid place are superheros in some fashion. It takes courage to face that, and it takes courage to go back again and again. Say what you will, but if you haven’t done it then you truly have no right to speak negatively about them or what they face each and every day. To me, and the majority of our country our soldiers are our real life super heros.

Call me a bigot for not allowing anyone to disrespect military members, their families or what they have to do if you’d like. It won’t bother me a bit. They spend blood sweat and tears protecting our rights. Their efforts trumph anything you could throw at me.

Enjoy your 4th this weekend, and remember to enjoy the real reason you celebrate and explain to your little ones the same.

Red Curtains

Can I look into your eyes to feel?

Just for a second glance
I can’t really understand you
You and your ugly rants!

The choking atmosphere
Tension on every drop of sweat
My noose grows tighter
You must enjoy the tightness of my neck.

Is there really hope?
I look beyond the red curtain
Hoping for a love beyond my prison
And a person underneath the ice.

All I can truly ask
Is that my heart not be a toy
A yoyo or a ball
Let your rage burn another, please?

As I look beyond the red curtain.