Change is amazing

I have looked back at my blogging over the last almost two years, and all I have to say is whoa.

I’m a little appalled at myself, and proud at the same time. I had to change my about page a little too. I saw all the language, and the anger and it made me sad for myself. You can voice your opinion without all of that, and I couldn’t honestly say I was trying to spread smiles, with all of that in my blog. I attribute this to actually sitting down and letting God work in my life. It’s also apart of growing up I suppose. Now don’t get me wrong, there was appropriate times for it but there was way too much to even begin to try and justify it. I however choose not to delete it because I’m going to let it be an accounted testimony to how God can truly change people.

Now, I’m still the crazy lady trying to make people smile, and make the world a better place. I just love talking about Jesus, and the wonderful things that he and God can do. Call me crazy, but I believe that.

Another awesome thing, ever heard of the man Joshua Feuerstein? Well this man is a very powerful speaker, and well known in the Christian community. Well I sent him an article, to get his opinion on it. He liked it so much that he is going to share it on his Facebook page!

I think I’m going 12 year old school here, but I’m REALLY excited. He is going to share my post I wrote regarding how I think God actually had a part in Evolution

YAY!!!! I can’t wait to read his review!

A whisper in your ear

You are incredible
You’ve made mistakes
You’ve had bumps in the road
You’re still here
You tell your story
A million eyes
No little lies
All truth friend
You are courageous
You have faced death
In the mind
In the heart
The soul cried out
You stuck on a bandaid
And pushed on and on
It didn’t take long
You are Beautiful
Stars envy your eyes
The stature of your shoulders
The tenderness of your touch
You know so much
Yet so humble
You are blessing
There is no one like you
No one who can be you
More valuable than diamonds
A treasure beyond compare

Share this with someone who needs and deserves to hear this. I know all of you do!

The craziness increases here on the homefront

Tomorrow is Halloween. We have two kitty princesses in this house, and I am still obliged to make spooky sugar cookies. I’m putting chocolate in mine dangit! I’ll need my chocolate. I also have to make chicken soup for a sick friend tomorrow, so can anyone say crockpot! Oh goodness! I don’t mind though, she’s a sweetie and she is pretty sick.

I also have got my new Twitter up and running again, yay! @Spreadinasmile , follow me on Twitter and I’ll follow you. Time to bring the crazy back to Twitter!!! Yay!

NaMoPoBloMo and NaMoPoWriMo starts Saturday. If you’re interested, check out 20/20 Hines Sight and she’ll have all the info you need for it. (I’d give you the links, but now you actually have to go to her blog. While you’re there you should read some of her stuff!)

I just checked my blog email(Sorry, things have been so crazy here!) and I have two emails! One is from Online Traveler and the other is from a man whom I will name Lonely because his name is Shakahaarparishadbhopal, and I just don’t know how to spell it without looking at it and I’d rather not mess it up.

Up first: Online Traveler


My suggestions: Go and explore other blogs! Participate in the events! NaMoPoBloMo is coming up, go check out 20/20 for the info!! That’s all you can really do. When I first started, I didn’t get any likes or hits either. It takes time and effort. You give what you get, remember that.

Next up: Lonely

That’s not the whole email, but he was basically asking if there was something wrong with him for feeling this way, which there isn’t! When you are married for so long, you are going to feel this way and it’s normal. It’s called experiencing a broken heart, and it will eventually subside, but it will never fully go away. Pray about it, ask God (or whomever you pray to) to give you peace.

Thank you guys for reading, I really appreciate you all taking the time to read my stuff. It makes me feel like I’m helping, which is crazy AWESOME!!!