Your day could be worse


You could be this guy. However, you aren’t. Remember, your day can always be crappier than what it currently is and be thankful that it isn’t. If you’re feeling down and blue simply smile. Life throws curveballs all the time, so why not throw some back at life and let it be dazed and confused for once.

Blogging 201 and my adventure

I signed up for it! Oh yeah, whose awesome?!*waits for one of you to crack a joke* On another note, I had the scariest most exhilarating day of my life. I was walking through the brush, looking for my adventurous dog who had run off. I was in flip flops and I thought nothing of it. Well when I finally caught my dog and got back to my house I looked down on my foot and saw it. That humongous tick. I hate ticks. I burned it out, shaking the whole time and prayed it didn’t get embeded. Thankfully it didn’t. I successfully conquered my first nasty tick! I feel special! *waits for someone else to crack a joke*

…. Try and be nice with the sarcasm, okay?

You have to make your own sunshine

Sometimes life seems like a dark dreary cloud doesn’t it? Sad, depressing and sometimes slightly agrivating. You can’t seem to stay afloat or keep yourself from slamming on rock bottom huh? Well, make your own sunshine, lifejacket or bungee cord! How? Well, thats an awesome question!

You are in control of how something makes you feel. No one else. If something makes you feel mad, it is because you allowed it to. Now I’m not saying it is wrong to be sad or angry but all the time is a little depressing. (Sarcasm…i think so!) Start making your own sunshine when its a sky of grey! :-)


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