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An eccentric guide on survival during school breaks

It’s Christmas time, which means at least two weeks off from school. If you have multiple children in school, that probably means fighting over toys, more noise than before, and multiple hands under your bathroom door during hours that once were quiet time.

img_2421If you’re anything like most parents, you’re probably on that cliff hanger moment of going insane. All you want is a five minute shower, without hearing ‘MOM!’ right? Well, I have five tips that ANY parent can use, no matter what stage of parenting you are in. We all like lists, tips, and tricks to survive lives with out children. If you don’t call one day of your life with your children a survival day, you live in a fictitious world, and we want to come with you.

Locks, locks everywhere.
Especially your bathroom. Put a towel down at the crack of the door to prevent the zombie like hands from reaching inside.

Stock up on coffee and wine
Because wine isn’t appropriate in the morning with children. We wish it was, but it’s not. Coffee is a delicious alternative to the sanity bringing beverage.

Yoga pants, and big sun glasses
You’ll always look well kept, and dry shampoo is an optional item that is highly recommended for this façade you’ll be putting on. A comfy sweater is also optional, but highly recommended.

Ear plugs
While I highly recommend keeping an eye on your children at all possible times, hearing them is optional. They’ll learn hand signals to get your attention when needed.

Televisions, and Netflix
Because there are sometimes where you NEED  a break. for 9.99 a month, you get an affordable, possibly but highly unlikely educational babysitter. All you need is a T.V. and a subscription to Netflix.

seems legit

So there you have it, a list of satirical, slightly inaccurate, but hilarious suggestions to surviving school breaks with children. In all honesty, remember, you won’t get any of these moments back. So in the crazy, loud, aggravating moments, smile. You’ll never have them like this ever again.

happy face

Enjoy, and Good Luck!

A leap of faith

This is the first time I’ve truly struggled with a piece of writing. I’ve never been nervous about what I write. Then again, I usually write it impromptu, and post it immediately too. I am nervous, because I’m making a few large decisions in my life, and they’re terrifyingly exciting for me. I’m breaking out of all my comfort zones more so than I have before. I’m taking a leap of faith, just as Peter had to, when Jesus held out his hand on the sea of Galilee on that dark stormy night.

I’m starting a new business adventure for the absolute last time in direct marketing. I’m talented when it comes to people, and yet they give me anxiety to no end. This time, I’m not trying a new weight loss fad, because let’s face it, they’re all the same. No one wants to have miraculous results overnight, at a deeply enlarge rate, when they could get the same thing elsewhere for a lot cheaper. No one wants something that only works temporarily, and no one wants something that makes them feel good until they stop. Weight loss, shouldn’t have to be bought in a box, or a pill bottle.

I’m starting a new adventure, with Rodan + Fields. They’re a skin care company, founded by the same doctors who started Proactive. It was a very reasonable start up cost, considering most direct marketing companies worthy of mention are in the 100’s range or higher. It’s reputable, and honest. It’s something that goes with my values, and that excites me. I don’t have to lie about ingredients, or feel guilty when I tell the truth. I don’t have to worry about scam reports, or any seriously negative allegations. You have the typical bad reviews from disgruntled customers, but that’s every business you encounter. So I decided to take a chance on it. I will be documenting my progress, and keeping you all up to date. I’ll be posting pictures here and there, and bragging about it. I will be excited, and fired up. I want to make people happy, and make my family thrive. I want to follow my moral compass while achieving my dreams, and I believe it’s possible to do both. I want to live a positive life, with positive memories, and positive experiences.

Call me an optimist, but I like positivity. That’s why I’ve decided to take this blog in a new direction too. I will post my opinions, and I will continue to be authentic, but I will only do so in a positive manner. Everything I post, will have some positive value to bring to you, the reader in one way or another. That is my goal, and that is what I will achieve. I am determined. I am excited. I am ready.


The garbage that is the modern day Feminist movement

Feminists, we all know one, or have heard one speak. Women rule, men suck! 

I like guys, but whatever.

They claim they’re for equality, but yet you hear nothing more than MOST of them trashing men in some shape,form,or fashion. Yet, they wonder why most women want no part in it.

Because it’s total crap, and we smell it from here!

Women have more job opportunities than men, because most of the recently men dominated fields now want women in them, so they can get tax breaks, high fives, and look awesome in front of the government. Women have more options for mental health treatment, domestic violence resources, and sexual assault resources. Women have the better odds of winning in child custody cases. Women have the same, if not better opportunities in the military, and in government based jobs. We get paid more, sometimes upwards of 30%, especially in fields previously dominated by men.
Buuut, we’re still not treated fairly?!
Give me a break. 
Women are awesome! I would know, I am one. Our brains are wired differently. We live longer, because we let out our emotions more. We’re nurtures, we’re emotional, we’re bad ass. Why do we feel the need to talk down how awesome a man is, in their own right? We can do anything we set our minds to, if we’d just get off this high horse fed on entitlement and tears. 

Girls aren’t confident enough, they’re scared, they’re not doing well because they aren’t nurtured or told how awesome they are enough!

So, when did grown ups have to start being coddled? Do they need a safe space and a blanket? Oh, too soon? My bad. 

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