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Peace and quiet is boring

So, I was so excited for both of my kids to finally be in school at the same time.

Free time! Peace and quiet!

I haven’t blogged, I’ve neglected the chores. I’ve just been relaxing. Let me be the first to tell you.

This blows.

It really sucks.

It’s only fun for the first few days.

It’s too quiet. I’ve missed them. However, they needed it. My youngest is happier than normal, and less hyper. I thought that was impossible, but apparently it’s not. My oldest has corrected behavioral issues 100%, and become the golden child she was destined to be. 

I miss the hellion and the abnormally happy hyper kid. Now they’re all good and normal amounts of happy.

I feel bad for saying it, but it’s true. It’s too quiet and peaceful around here. I think I’m going to load them on sugar this weekend, I miss the chaos a bit. 


Enjoy your moment

Sorry y’all, I’ve been away for a couple of days because I was spending time with my hubby. The girls start school tomorrow, so the grands from both sides snatched them up for quality time of their own. We enjoyed the quiet, and took the weekend away from social media or platforms that took time away from our moment.

This is what we did.

We both have been gamers since we could barely read. It’s something we have always bonded on, and Pokemon Go has been no different. We both chose Team Instinct because we both started with Yellow, and we have laughed and had so much fun over a game.

We forgot the struggles of life, even if only for what seemed an instant.

We have chosen to give our Pokemon funny and quirky names. Why? Well why not? It just seemed like fun, and we compared and laughed at each other’s names we picked. It was a lot of fun, and a really cheap date! We try to do fun date nights each week, and with having a strict budget, sometimes it’s a hassle. We make the best of what can we do, and enjoy each other. We talk about anything and everything, and we laugh and play. It’s the little things in life that make life enjoyable, at least to us. We’re broke, barely making it sometimes, but we love each other more than anything. While love doesn’t pay the bills, it makes that excruciating task, tolerable. 
Enjoy your moment. Don’t let the stress of life, stop you from living it. Don’t let the opinions of others, stop you from doing or spending time with what and who you love. 

The wonderful world of you

Your breath on my skin


Your touch


Your eyes gazing into mine


Your heartbeat


Your hand in mine

A perfect fit

Your embrace


Your flaws

Imperfectly perfect

Your shoulders


Your hands

Weapons of laughter and love

Your silence

My wonderland

Your vulnerability


Your laugh


Your absence

My time to better myself for you

Our forever


You have to appreciate your loved ones, even in the dark times. Tomorrow is a mystery, Yesterday is history, today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present.🙂
Have a good day! :-) 

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