I Am Finally A Quitter

I haven’t been able to get cigarettes out of my life on my own ever, until now. Nursing is predominately against smoking, and many of the hospitals around the country are banning the use of any tobacco products on their facilities. I really don’t want a cigarette running my career for me. I chose to let them go.

Quitting smoking is utterly ridiculous.

Let me tell you, days 1 and 2, weren’t so bad. Days 3 through 8 however, were hell. I was angry, I said horrible things, I looked and felt like death warmed over, and coffee made everything worse. However, I made it to today, which is day 10. Day 10 has actually been pleasant. I’m still slightly grouchy, but I can reel myself in a lot faster than day 8.


I’m pretty proud of myself. The only time I’ve done this well, was when I was too broke for cigarettes, not because I made the choice to let them go. I’ve made strides all across the board in a positive manner.

Is it easy to quit? No, absolutely not. However, it’s totally worth it. I had physical symptoms, headaches, acid reflux, the cough from hell, and nausea mainly. My psychological symptoms are the worst though. The depressive moments that I KNOW are utterly ridiculous but I can’t shake them. The anger, the irritability, the lack of patience, I got on my own nerves!

However, I didn’t give up on myself. I feel like I’m worth more than a leafy filled death sentence.



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