Beautifully painful lessons

The integrity of something can be permanently changed by a situation it is thrown into. 

These flowers are still beautiful in their own way, but not as beautiful as they once were. Why?

They’re squished inside a mason jar.

They don’t have the space they need to be pretty, but I don’t have another vase to put them in. They were thrown around, left on a shelf, and put through their own ordeals in other ways, but only when they loose their space, did they lose their beauty.


What a beautifully painful, but precisely accurate analogy.

We humans, do the same thing.

We don’t give ourselves the space we need to grow. We beat ourselves up, give ourselves unrealistic timetables to follow, and go nuts at the sound of the grandfather clock in our minds. We lose our own beauty, by suffocating ourselves. 
Well then…..


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