Tell us your story


Pain isn’t pretty, and it’s really hard to keep bottled inside. There are the strong ones, who just keep it together to hold the peace. If it’s the peace of others, it’s for the peace of themselves. Every needs a place to vent where they’re safe from ridicule or judgment. That’s what I want to be, a safe haven for the voiceless and a bringer of smiles. If you have anything you want to get off your chest, a story, a letter to someone, or anything else, feel free to send it to me. You can be completely confidential or you can include your name if you wish. I’ve left the option open for you. Just know there are people who care, and know you don’t deserve the pain you feel.

If you want to share a happy story, or an uplifting one, you can do that too! You can be anonymous with that as well, but share the happiness you’ve found from a broken situation! All testimonies, letters or general problems are welcome with open arms. You will be completely confidential, and if you wish I’ll even send you an email with a video attachment of me deleting the video to make you feel comfortable. Just fill out the information in the contact form and send ’em to me! I’ve been there, I’ve submitted stories and letters back when I was too scared to say my story aloud. Now it’s time I help someone else get the courage to do the same, or at least give them peace. All I want to do, is keep on spreadin’ crazy smiles! 🙂


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